Gwynedd Letting Agency - at Eiddo iola jones Properties we pride ourselves in providing high standard Residential Letting and Property Management services across Gwynedd. We offer a personal and totally trustworthy service and will do all we can to help tenants find their new home. We fully support the ban on tenant fees which came into force in Wales September 2019. All holding deposits are held in a designated client money account and all security deposits are held in a government authorised Deposit Protection Scheme. Our aim is to be both transparent and fair.

Mae Eiddo iola jones Properties yn ymfalchio mewn cynnig gwasanaeth Gosod Preswyl a Rheoli Eiddo o'r safon uchaf a hynny ar draws Gwynedd. Cynigwn wasanaeth personol a chwbl ddibynadwy gan wneud pob ymdrech i helpu tenantiaid i ffendio eu cartref newydd. Rydym yn cefnogi y gwaharddiad ar ffioedd tenantiaid sydd yn weithredol yng Nghymru ers Medi 2019. Delir pob blaendal i gadw eiddo mewn cyfrif arian cleientiaid dynodedig a chofrestrir pob blaendal diogelwch mewn cynllun gwarchod blaendal wedi ei awdurdodi gan y llywodraeth. Ein nôd yw bod yn deg a thryloyw.

Some pointers:

Our site contains a constantly updated register of rental property. To receive a regularly updated list of our available rental properties, please get in touch and we will contact you with details of any new properties to suit your specified requirements.

This guide is intended as a general overview to assist you when renting a property. We have set out below a few significant pointers to help clarify the process.

YOUR OFFER – Once we have found your suitable property, you will be able to make an offer to the Landlord for consideration. Please note that any offer you make would be subject to you fulfilling our reference criteria.

AGREEING THE LET - As soon as your offer has been accepted by the Landlord, you will be offered to provide a Holding deposit (equivalent of one week’s rent) which holds the property for you pending references - it will then be used towards your first month’s rent. However, if you decide not to sign the Tenancy Agreement or if you provide us with inaccurate information, this fee would be non-refundable.

Character references will be required and your employer and current/previous landlord (if applicable) will be contacted – the references are usually processed by an independent company. Your previous employer will be contacted if you have recently changed jobs. If you are self-employed, your accountant may be contacted. A credit check will also be conducted in addition to the affordability factor.

Occasionally, a GUARANTOR will be required if, for example, you have not been continuously employed for the past 18 months; have been working abroad in the previous 6 months; your income falls short of our criteria or your employment is considered as changeable.

The guarantor must be aware that they will stand as guarantor for you, (and any other individuals who are moving into the property), for the entire occupancy of the property, not just for the period of the initial tenancy term.

TENANCY AGREEMENT – once referencing has been successfully passed; a draft copy of the agreement will be available for you in advance of signing to ensure you have had plenty of time to read it through. An appointment will be arranged with you to sign the agreement before moving into your new home. You will be required to provide the agreed sum of rent and security deposit before move-in day.

The deposit is required for the full tenancy against loss, damage, or charges payable at the termination of the tenancy. This is usually the equivalent of one month’s rent and no more than 5 weeks rent. The deposit will be registered in a government authorised Deposit Protection Scheme of which you will be notified accordingly within 30 days. It is returnable in full at the end of the tenancy subject to final inspection of the property.

Rent is to be paid monthly in advance commencing on the first day of the tenancy and then on the same day each month thereafter. The preferred method is by bank standing order.

CHECK IN AND CONDITION REPORT - If we have been instructed by the Landlord, a Condition Report will be prepared of your new home and a convenient appointment will be made to carry out a Check-In report to coincide with your move-in day.

Letting Agents, whilst acting for the Landlord, operates within accepted guidelines in the industry to ensure that you are able to rely on a professional letting agent taking your concerns seriously and advising the Landlord if they are being unreasonable. This ensures that professional standards are met, for example, the correct Tenancy Agreement is used; proper procedures are in place for reporting and dealing with repairs; safety checks are conducted and a bonding scheme is provided to protect your deposit. At Eiddo iola jones Properties we endeavour to provide such a service to all our Tenants.

All information is provided in good faith. It does not replace the advice of a qualified legal advisor.


In most cases the Tenant will only pay the following:

A Holding Deposit – this is equivalent to a week’s rent paid in advance pending references e.g. £115 if the rent is £500 [monthly rent x 12 divided by 52 =]. This payment is refunded if the references are not successful or will otherwise form part of the first rent payment. Note: in some cases, the Holding Deposit may be non-refundable e.g. if the applicant provided inaccurate information or withdraws their application.

The Security Deposit – this is usually the equivalent of a month’s rent but can be more if you have pets. The Agent will register this deposit with a Government approved scheme: The Tenancy Deposit Scheme. At the end of the tenancy your deposit is refunded to you in full or in part depending on the state of the property.

The Rent – in most cases the rent will be paid monthly and will not include other bills such as utilities, Council Tax etc. It is the Tenant's responsibility to insure their belongings.

Other Approved Payments - the only other fees Tenants may be faced with will be those classed as damages - for example, replacing lost keys, costs incurred due to breach of contract etc.

Please contact us on 01766 810025 or 07443 339106 or email if you have any questions.